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An independent analysis of Community Art’s Network’s programs in Narrogin has found that for every $1 spent, $18.58 in social value has been returned.

According to the company that conducted the research, Resourceful Communities, it’s among the highest social returns ever recorded in the world.

CAN commissioned an independent study to assess the social impact of its programs in the region.

Social Return on Investment (SROI) uses a monetary value to measure how change is created though social, environmental and economic outcomes. CAN’s results were outstanding.

“The CAN ratio of 18:58:1 is one of the highest ratios I have encountered while undertaking SROI analysis or reviewing international SROI reports, “said Annette Hoskisson who is an accredited SROI practitioner and the report’s author.

The SROI analysis found that CAN was able to convert $592,200 worth of government funded community arts programs into a staggering $11 million plus in social value.

The research also concluded that CAN’s work has been instrumental in encouraging Noongar students to return to school.

In the long term this will have significant benefits for the wider community because students will have improved careers, health, welfare and social well-being.

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