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Making Time Online is a series of online conversations designed to support practice discussions and self-care of community arts and cultural development practitioners in Western Australia.

Creative Recovery Network and Community Arts Network (CAN) have partnered to raise awareness of and to develop and share strategies around self-care and sustainable CACD work practice.

Each event will open around a specific theme or idea, to be presented by a provocateur and unpacked by the group

For more information contact:

SCOTIA MONKIVITCH (Creative Recovery Network)



Creative Recovery Network



As we head into the end of the year it is time to celebrate our efforts and nurture ourselves to garner energy for a fresh beginning for 2020.

‘Burnout’ is a complicated phenomenon, the result of a combination of compassion fatigue, secondary trauma, moral distress and sheer overload from the incredibly hectic lives many of us lead. So, what is the solution? How do we unpack the contributing factors so that we can find a path forward? How do we become, or continue to be, healthy, grounded professionals who also have a life?

Although recent research shows that the best solutions to burnout reside in helping improve working conditions, this does not mean that we, as professionals, are helpless. We cannot blame our workplaces entirely for our stress – we also need to take personal responsibility.

Katrina Bercov will be joining us to offer some insight to possible strategies and ideas to support our own steps toward better self care. How do we use the end of the year as a time for rest and renewal creatively, physically and psychologically?

PROVOCATUER – Katrina Bercov is Director of Evolve Events, integrating a tertiary background in Business and Psychology and a Graduate Diploma in Education (Training & Development). Katrina brings many years of experience in the mental health sector, including four years managing training and events for peak body the WA Association for Mental Health where she established Western Australia’s largest mental health training curriculum and the inaugural WA Mental Health Conference.

A Human Development specialist, Katrina is now the key program designer at Evolve having worked in a variety of management and education roles across the community sector, government and business.

Creative Recovery Network and Community Arts Network WA (CAN) have partnered to present this series of online conversations, designed to support the practice conversations and self-care of community arts and cultural development practitioners in Western Australia.

When: Wednesday 4 December 2019

Time: 12pm – 1pm

Where: online via Zoom

Register via Eventbrite

A community of practice evolves to provide a way for practitioners to share tips and best practices, ask questions of their colleagues, and provide support for each other.

As the Making Time Online conversations have developed an interest has grown to look at how we might have smaller targeted conversations with each other in the online space. This month we are exploring a split room structure to enable small and collective conversations.

How can we support collective problem solving? What are our shared assets? How can we create opportunities for collective bargaining for project resources? What opportunities do we have to coordinate to lobby for support and policy engagement?

Our discussion will feed the development of our conversation program for 2020.

When: Wednesday October 9 2019

Time: 12pm – 1pm

Where: online via Zoom

Register via Eventbrite

Conversations – clarity, intimacy, impact

The speaker for this online presentation is Bill Ash from ARC Coaching – Generating possibilities through conversations.

How do we understand the flow of conversation in our work as artists and artsworkers? What elements of ourselves and our practice can we become more aware of to ensure we utilise effective communications that takes care of our concerns and the concerns of others?

Bill’s passion is to understand how:
– our conversations
– our listening
– our speaking
are the foundations of every relationship in our lives and generate all possibilities for us and others.

When: Wednesday August 7 2019

Time: 12pm – 1pm

Where: online via Zoom

Register via Eventbrite

Trauma Informed Practice

The speaker for this online presentation is Katie Carter, Practice Consultant Mental Health and Trauma.

Katie is currently the Mental Health & Trauma Consultant at Anglicare WA, based in Perth and oversees a practice, policy and research in a diverse portfolio of programs across the state including child sexual abuse therapy programs, post suicide bereavement program and other counselling programs. She is hopeful for recovery from trauma experiences and believes that hope, community education and non-violence are key in achieving this outcome.

When: Wednesday June 5 2019

Time: 12pm – 1pm

Where: online via Zoom

Register via Eventbrite

How can we engage and layer a trauma informed practice into our work as artists and artsworkers? What elements of our practice will we need to re-conceptualise to ensure we are creating safe environments for our colleagues, our participants and ourselves?

Join our conversation with Katie to unpack these and many other questions.



A key element of community practice is the collaboration and layers of engagement that take place to create and present works that are community led. Most creation development takes place without direct regard to copyright and other legal consequences.

This online discussion investigated how we best negotiate conditions for the ownership of IP and copyright of the artworks produced, including all photographs of the artworks or development process, video, websites and all other documentation to the artist or organisation or community after the residency/workshop/activity has concluded? How do we do this when the ‘ownership’ is not directly clear or appropriate to be delineated?

When: Wednesday April 3 2019

Presenter: Elliott Bledsoe

Time: 12 noon – 1pm

Where: Online – tickets available through Eventbrite

Elliott Bledsoe has made a career out helping artists and arts organisations publish, play, post, tweet and trend. In particular he focuses on communications planning that drives day-to-day marketing activities.

Elliott runs Agentry, a marketing consultancy focused on individual artists and small-to-medium arts organistions. He has held marketing and content positions with the Queensland Writers Centre, ABC RN, Australia Council for the Arts, Regional Arts Australia and others.

Elliott works as the Copyright Officer for the Australian Digital Alliance, Australia’s peak body representing copyright users and innovators in a digital world, and the Australian Libraries Copyright Committee, the primary policy body in Australia for the discussion of copyright issues affecting the library, archive and information sectors.

As CACD practitioners we often work in isolation and in places where there are few supports for professional supervision. Our peers are usually the people we turn to when we need to unpack issues and want a shoulder to cry on. Whilst this is a vital part of our working culture there is room to improve the how of this support and the management of our own vicarious impact of sharing others stories and stresses.

When: Wednesday Feb 6 2019

Time: 12 noon – 1pm

Where: Online – tickets available through Eventbrite

On 6 February we discussed the idea of ‘Peer Support’ and how we might build and manage our capacity to be better peers, unpacking what peer support is understood to be, how this as a concept can be more realistically viewed and how we might build better practice to support our colleagues whilst maintaining our own equilibrium.


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