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Patrick Jetta (second left), Bernie jetta (fourth left), Clem Jetta (front) 1950's

Patrick Jetta (second left), Bernie jetta (fourth left), Clem Jetta (front) 1950’s

We’re pretty excited here at CAN because tomorrow night is the long-awaited launch of NGALA MIA – NGALA BOODJAR, the CD/DVD produced as part of the Noongar Workers project.

We’re expecting a good turn-out at the Quairading Town Hall, where the community will come together to celebrate the contribution Noongar men, women and children made to our State’s regional development and agricultural industry.

Jack Wilson and Bill Bunbury

Jack Wilson and Bill Bunbury

The event will be hosted by Ivy Penny, with special presentations by Aunty Winnie McHenry, Yolande and Dallas Yarran. We’ve also got a video message from federal Minister Ken Wyatt, who was unable to attend, but wanted to send his respects to the project participants.

NGALA MIA – NGALA BOODJAR is a compilation of stories about growing up and working on Ballardong country.

Acclaimed oral historian Bill Bunbury OAM recorded interviews with Noongar workers and local farmers which culminated in an audio documentary.

Using those stories as inspiration, film students from North Metropolitan TAFE then created a series of short films shot in and around Quairading.

Tomorrow’s event is also an opportunity to pay tribute to Wayne Yarran, Peter Colbung Snr, Byron Pickett and Jack Wilson. Sadly, these much-loved project participants passed away before the final production of NGALA MIA –NGALA BOODJAR.

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