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Water Corporation’s Splash of Colour program was established in 2017 as a curated public art series that celebrates the community’s connection to water, water conservation and the important role this plays in the future of Western Australia. It aims to transform everyday water and wastewater assets into colourful creations that express the community’s connection to water.

To date, 39 assets have been transformed through the program with overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community and good local media. The program has involved engagement with some local schools and community groups but more often directly engaged artists to paint assets without involving community.

In 2018 Water Corporation approached CAN to provide a new delivery model for creating urban art on water and wastewater assets.  One that has been designed by and developed with the community, working in partnership with Local Government Authorities (LGA’s) and community groups. It is envisioned this approach will work towards deepening and extending engagement with local community and stakeholders while increasing community awareness and ownership of the project. CAN will deliver three projects using this model in 2019 in partnership with Water Corporation.

We've been busy splashing colour in Westminster 🎨💦 In collaboration with Community Arts Network, Edmund Rice Centre WA, #whitelionwa and local artist Lawry from Too Much Colour, we've transformed our Harris Way pump station into a vibrant piece of community art that tells the local water story. Our Splash of Colour program aims to improve local amenity by collaboratively turning our everyday water and wastewater assets into expressive colourful creations, that strengthen the community's connection to our water cycle. Special thanks to everyone who helped celebrate the artwork's unveiling, including Dave Kelly MP and Janine Freeman. Read more >> #SplashofColourWA

Posted by Water Corporation on Wednesday, 3 July 2019



Westminster Splash of Colour Project

CAN Project Facilitator – Darren Hutchens
Lead Artist – Lawry Halden
Participants – Edmund Rice Centre of WA and Whitelion

In the City of Stirling the Splash of Colour Project was lead by local artist Lawry Halden and CAN project facilitator Darren Hutchens.

The mural design for the pump house at Esperanto Harris Gibb Reserve in Westminster was developed in collaboration with young people from local youth organisations Whitelion and Edmund Rice Centre WA, Mirrabooka. CAN facilitated community engagement workshops with representatives from the Water Corporation informing these young people about the water cycle and the local impacts of water usage on the environment.

The artist developed the design concept of the mural with participants input in the form of sketches of local flora, fauna and representations of the creation story of the Waugal. The water cycle is represented as droplets coming up from the land, into the clouds and then falling back down into the river. The design reinforces the educational messaging of the Water Corporation whilst referencing their iconic “water drop” logo.

Local fauna depicted in the mural includes the motorbike frog, western swamp tortoise and marron. Other icons include crows, representing the Noongar people of this area and fields of wildflowers add a burst of bright colour. The creation story of the Waugal, the rainbow serpent is represented as a snake like form amongst the clouds.

“It is wonderful to see the extent of community engagement and participation that has been undertaken to bring this pump station to life for the entire community to enjoy”

Water Minister Dave Kelly

The mural was officially unveiled at a community celebration on Saturday, 29 June 2019 attended by Minister for Water Resources Dave Kelly and Janine Freeman Member for Mirrabooka. Read the Media Release

“This has also been a fantastic opportunity for the wider community to participate in decisions about how to improve the look of our local streets, rather than imposing ideas from the outside”

Janine Freeman Member for Mirrabooka

Local Elders Aunty Doolan and Uncle Walter Eatts gave visitors a warm welcome to country and reflected on beauty and importance of embracing people of all colour in our communities.

The crowd was entertained by the Djurpin Djindas dance group whose ages ranges from 2 – 14. The group was formed by Sarah Kearing to make sure the next generation gained and learned the knowledge of our culture and to keep it alive through dancing.

Lawry Halden – Artist Biography

For almost as long as I can remember I have enjoyed painting artwork in public spaces.

Collaborating with fellow artists, Dan Duggan and Darren Hutchens, we form theToo Much Colour  public art collective.

Having worked together for many years now, we have an intuitive understanding of how we can achieve a vision together.

Worked in the UK for a number of years, taking up residence in Manchester, I was able to enjoy the creation of many artworks around the city and to see other creative ways of utilising urban landscapes.

More recently, I have worked in and around Perth and Fremantle doing council and private commissions.

There’s also been a bit of traveling throughout the state doing community projects. Quite often these involve young people, or various members of the public as participants, and the sharing of skills and our approaches in creation of artworks.

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