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In 2013 CAN and the Urban Youth Crew ran ten hip hop and traditional dance workshops in Southern Wheatbelt schools, encouraging participation, acceptance, tolerance and cultural exploration.

The workshops were held in Pingelly, Narrogin, St. Matthews and East Narrogin and the young dancers performed to audiences in Williams, Pingelly and Narrogin.

Urban Youth Crew is a high-energy dance group and the workshops were overwhelmingly successful, indicated by the number of young people engaged, the level of encouragement, support from the broader community, and the feedback received from participants.

One Pingelly Nursing Home resident who saw the performance said, “it’s a real pleasure to see the kids dance with such joy.”

“My son gained more confidence during the workshops. He’s more outgoing, made new friends and shows his dance moves to every family member who wants to see it,” said a mother of one of the workshop participants.


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