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Kwobadak Maar (Beautiful Hands) art and textiles project.

Across October and November 2016, CAN ran an art and textiles project with the Northam Yorgas who shared their stories of the Wheatbelt through their stunning textile prints, woven sculptures and crafted objects.

The Northam Yorgas are a social craft group who meet weekly to craft, lunch and yarn. Keen to build on their array of craft skills, the Yorgas participated in a CAN program of weaving workshops and a two week studio intensive to develop a series of hand-printed-textile products to sell at their local markets. The textile designs featured local imagery including wildflowers, swans and bicycles.

During the studio intensive, the Yorgas were invited to each create craft piece that shared a personal or local story. The Yorgas were supported to work with their existing skills and explore new craft techniques as they stitched, printed and wove to develop pieces that shared stories of country, childhood, and memories of Elders. These art works, with their accompanying stories and poetry became the Kwobadak Maar exhibition, taking over an empty shop front in the main street of Northam over the summer of 2016/ 2017.

The exhibition featured works by Elaine Dickie, the late Norma Garlett, Frances Gillespie, Glenda Kickett, Janet Kickett, Yvonne Kickett, Cindy Moody, Deborah Moody and Sonia Stack.  

The Northam Yorgas will be supported by CAN to run their craft and textiles stall at the Revealed 2017 markets at the Fremantle Art Centre.








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