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The Northam Noongar Poetry Project is a series of weekly winter evening workshops where community members can write and share their poetry over hot soup. As part of CAN’s Rekindling Stories on Country program, the workshops support participants to experiment with different poetry styles and techniques to share their stories and sentiments.

The workshops have been facilitated by a wonderful array of poets and performers; Nandi Chinna, Alf Taylor, Jan Teagle Kapetas, Irma Woods and Maitland Schnaars.

The group also gathered for a Sunday afternoon ‘Winter Poetry Walking Workshop’ with Nandi Chinna leading the workshop and Yvonne Kickett leading the walk.

A public reading event ‘Bilya Kep Waangkiny (River Water Stories)’ will be held at the York Festival on Saturday 16th September. Readers will include Janet Kickett, Yvonne Kickett, Deborah Moody, Tanya Mabo, Julie Wynne and Cyndy Moody.

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Northam Poetry

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