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Article #1 – We are all born free and equal

Seventy years ago the United Nations adopted a document that was a milestone in the history of humankind – a blueprint for how every person on our planet should be treated.

On the 10th of December 2018, CAN, in partnership with the Museum of Freedom and Tolerance will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights with the culmination of a very special community art project.

In the lead up to the anniversary, CAN has been exploring the 30 articles with a group of young people from the Edmund Rice Centre in Mirrabooka.

We asked them to express what these human rights mean to them by using a variety of art forms including storytelling, photography, visual art, printing and design.

The young artists words and creative interpretations of the declarations will be drawn together to create a beautiful Universal Declaration of Human Rights pocket book and a series of posters.

As a part of this project CAN has partnered with a new augmented reality technology, to bring the voices to life.

By downloading a new smartphone App called Evista, by 1world4wellness you will be able to scan photo’s on the poster and book and watch as it literally comes to life through video!

Our young human rights artists have used this new media to tell their thoughts about the Declaration.

All the digital content created for this project will also be broadcast on the Yagan Square digital tower.

Want to know more about the Declaration?

Click this link!

The 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) created an opportunity to commemorate, celebrate and critique this fundamental framework of freedom and equality for all humanity.

This project was a collaboration between Edmund Rice Centre WA, the Museum of Freedom and Tolerance and CAN. It is critical to supporting and platforming voices that are too often unheard. By working together the project has become a celebration of history’s intentions, our universal humanity, and a reminder of hope.

Working with Youth Leaders at Edmund Rice Centre WA (ERCWA) in Mirrabooka, CAN held workshops that examined the UDHR, what the rights are, how they affect us and what their relevance is to young people. Together the young people explored how to represent the 30 articles of human rights through photography and art.

Using community arts practice to bring the words of the UDHR to life through the eyes of young people, a 70 year old document was transformed into a contemporary creative form as a small booklet titled ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Pocket Guide.’ 

Download the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Pocket Guide

To promote the 70th anniversary, and stimulate conversation around the 30 Articles and their relevance and context in today’s society, four limited edition posters where created and placed around the Perth CBD and surrounding areas. View the posters in the image gallery below.

This project was produced by CAN in collaboration with our principal partners:

The Museum of Freedom and Tolerance is a museum with no walls. We pop up to interact with our community in creative ways, with an innovative and empathy-driven approach to social justice issues. Our mission is to foster a more inclusive national conversation and a just and cohesive society, free from racism and prejudice, and to amplify voices marginalised by systemic discrimination.

The Edmund Rice Centre WA has an on-going commitment to assisting people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, as well as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. ERCWA provides essential settlement services and community education activities for youth leadership as a way of ensuring a positive future for all.

CAN (Community Arts Network) is a not for profit organisation driven by the belief that art transforms communities. We bring artists, creatives and diverse communities together to share stories, learn from each other and make inspiring art. Through this, we’ve seen lives changed and communities strengthened.

Special thanks to:

DrawHistory – Design & Production, eVista by 1world4wellness – Augmented Reality, Yagan Square and Screenwest.


Project Coordinator
Michelle White

Workshop Coordinator and Photographer
Duncan Wright

Art Facilitators
Selina Bell
Natalie Scholtz
Madison Cox

ERCWA Leadership & Arts Program
Bella Ndayikeze – Staff Coordinator
Lueth Duot, Abulfazl Atai & Joy Malata – Youth Workers

ERCWA Youth Leaders – Art & Photography
Malakai Dickie
Andrew Dickie
Angel Dickie
Chloe Burns-Lorriman
Bonhuer Cubahiro
Dut Dut
Jessica Kaneza
Joanne Zerfenaeh
Micah Zerfanaeh
Jaslyn Kumar
William Akec
Nhial Tong
Faroumata Toure
Hazel Mum
Jane Paul
Malak Al Saedi
Layel Al Saedi
Muayad Jebrita
Yousif Jebrita
Yakoob Jebrita
Scoria Anzaa
Stella Armaro
Yara Jebrita

Come celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with us! The Museum of Freedom and Tolerance is hosting a pop up festival with multicultural dance performances, a free play space and art workshops for all the family!

Where: Yagan Square, Perth

When: 9 December 2018

Time: 12 – 4pm

For more information view the Facebook Event here.

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