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CAN is committed to building a creative community that truly reflects the diversity of the society in which we live.

We believe people of all nationalities and religions should see themselves represented on our pages, stages and airwaves.

DiverseArty Tuesday 24 Oct 2017

To achieve this, CAN is working with culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) communities to learn about their aspirations and needs in relation to the arts, and to better understand the current levels of engagement with culturally diverse artists, audiences and communities.

This is new work that CAN is undertaking with support from Department of Local Government Sports and Cultural Industries (DLGCS).

Bunting from workshop 7 November

So far, CAN has met with communities and delivered workshops in Wanneroo, Canning and Stirling with artist, Ruby Talbot Dunn facilitating the Wanneroo workshop. 

Wanneroo Zimbabwean Community Consultation

On 20 September 2017 CAN held a special event at the King Street Arts Centre where a curated conversation between Erica Huang (located in Perth) and Lee Kinsella (located in Taipai, Taiwan). It was an international and interactive live discussion via Skype in partnership and as part of Turner Galleries Residency Exchange Program

This exchange program was initiated by the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts in Taipai and Turner Galleries in Perth.

Discussions at hand: Environmental Art Remodeling the Taiwanese Art Scene and Embedded Histories: Place and Space in Western Australia.






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