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A group of Aboriginal young people in Narrogin are the stars of a new music video clip and behind the scenes documentary produced by Community Arts Network (CAN). They call themselves Burdiya Mob and their song, Djarliny, means ‘listen’ in the Noongar language.


The song was written and recorded during CAN workshops and the video clip was filmed in and around Narrogin, including at culturally significant sites.

The music video clip is a celebration of contemporary and traditional Noongar culture and promotes language revival, cultural pride and creative skills development.

Project participant Lionel Whitby said “the song is about listening to Elders when they show us our land and our culture.” The song had its national debut on Triple J and received rave reviews from the station’s hosts.

Through this project, CAN gave the young people access to an incredible line-up of professional artists including singer-songwriter Gina Williams, actor Ian Wilkes, hip hop artist Scott Griffiths and music photographer Matsu.

Elders and parents in Narrogin were an integral part of the project, teaching the young people cultural practises such as tool making, kangaroo skin tanning, fire making, eco-dyeing, language and dance.

All of the skills the students learnt came together in a music video clip that was produced to showcase their song Djarliny.

Djarliny is about listening to Aboriginal Elders when they are telling you about their land and culture.

Djarliny means ‘listen’ in Noongar, an Aboriginal language spoken in Western Australia.

Under the direction of Poppy van Oorde-Grainger, Noongar teenagers from Narrogin have produced a proud cinematic tribute to their traditional culture and contemporary lifestyle.

Produced by Community Arts Network (CAN) the video promotes Noongar strength and resilience through language, dance, music, film and cultural traditions.



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