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In 2014 CAN delivered an urban art project in Broome that gave a sense of ownership to young people in the town’s new Waranyjarri Estate.

CAN teamed with artists Lady Bananas and Tomahawk to deliver graffiti and stencil art workshops to young locals (5- 17 years) at the Tanami Youth Park, and explored the history and story of urban art.

While the younger participants created their own paste-up/stencil art piece to take home, the older kids worked with the artists to design and paint bright statement pieces on walls around the park.

The workshops gave the new young residents of the estate a sense of ownership and connection to the youth park, which includes facilities such as skateable ramps, climbing walls and a stage area for performances.

This project was supported by Landcorp and Place Partners and was part of a series of events in Waranyjarri Estate’s three-year community-building plan.

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