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The York Festival is around the corner and CAN is delighted to announce that we will be presenting a reading of new poetry works as part of this year’s festivities.

Poets from CAN’s Northam Noongar Poetry Project, Janet Kickett, Yvonne Kickett, Deborah Moody, Tanya Mabo, Julie Wynne, Cyndy Moody and more will be performing live on Saturday 16 September at 1pm.

From walking on country, to motherhood and memories of Elders, Bilya Kep Waangkiny – River Water Stories is a collection of poems that speak of matters of the heart and tell stories of Balladong country and beyond.

The Northam Noongar Poetry Project is part of CAN’s Rekindling Stories on Country program. The workshops support participants to experiment with different poetry styles and techniques to share their stories and sentiments.

So, if you’re heading to the York Festival make sure you drop into the Country Women’s Association courtyard in York for this free event.

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