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CAN Ngala Mia Poster

On Friday 1 December CAN will be launching the Ngala Mia Ngala Boodjar CD/DVD package as a part of the Noongar Workers project.


In 2016, Community Arts Network hosted a series of story gathering workshops in the Shire of Quairading. Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people came together to share culture, photos, and yarns about growing up on Ballardong country.

Australia’s proud agricultural history is well documented, however, the stories told from an Aboriginal perspective are not.

Syd Bhurton 1950's Badjaling. 'Stacey's Train


This project revealed some amazing stories and aims to give voice to those untold stories. Recording them for future generations.

Join us for this community launch at the Quairading Town Hall. There will be food, films, photos and entertainment DSC_9127celebrating the stories collected during the Noongar Workers Project.

This event is free and all are welcome.

Go to our events page for more details.

Find out more about the Noongar Workers project.


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