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A new and exciting project currently in production with Narrogin Primary School is The Wall. We are working with the students to create a beautiful mural that will be launched at Narrogin Primary School on 6 December 2016. 

CAN narrogin session 2 (3) CAN narrogin session 2 (23)

Students are creating a mural within the cultural garden precinct as part of the Schools Reconciliation Action Plan. This project is part of CAN’s Rekindling Stories on Country initiative and continues our work with the young people in Narrogin. The project has been focused on sharing Noongar stories and establishing strong connections between younger people and their heritage. The finished piece will convey contemporary and traditional Noongar stories. 

Artists Darren Hutchens, Ross Storey and Rachel Riggs are working collaboratively with the school and CAN staff. 

CAN narrogin session 2 (24)
CAN narrogin session 2 (6)

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