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Burdiya Mob’s star continues to rise with media organisations around Australia showing their support for the original song and music clip created by Aboriginal teenagers in Narrogin.

The CAN-produced video features Noongar teenagers from the town proudly singing in language and celebrating their culture, as well as their contemporary rural lifestyle.

The song Djarliny, which is a Noongar word for ‘listen’, recently featured on Triple J, Channel 10 news, ABC Radio and Noongar Radio, to name a few.

Screen Grab CH 10 News. Burdiya Mob

The track has also been picked up for distribution by AMRAP which means it’s available to radio stations all over Australia!

If you haven’t heard this ripper track yet, it’s available on SOUNDCLOUD, Vimeo, You Tube and of course, CAN’s website.

And feel free to share the clip around… we’re so proud of these students we want everyone to see how moorditj (good) they are!

Burdiya Mob’s song Djarliny (Listen) has been picked up by AMRAP’s AirIT service which means community radio stations around the nation are able to play the song featuring teenagers from Narrogin.


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