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If you are interested in applying for Catalyst funding, it is the role of the CAN WA staff, in particular the Funding Manager, to assist you to with developing your application and giving you the best possible chance for success.

Once you hand in your Catalyst application it is sent to the Catalyst Panel; an independent panel of community arts and cultural development workers from diverse backgrounds, who assess the applications based on selection criteria.

The assessment process is a competitive one and the panel’s decision is final. As such, CAN WA highly recommends that you take advantage of CAN WA funding staff support in order to give your application that competitive edge.

There are currently 15 Panel members and CAN WA draws upon this pool for each assessment meeting.

The Catalyst Panel is made up of a diverse range of members with various backgrounds in arts, cultural development, local government, regional, youth, Indigenous, mental health and cultural and linguistic diversity. Each Panel member undertakes an induction before assessing Catalyst applications.

CAN WA would like to take this opportunity to thank the Catalyst Panel members for contributing their valuable expertise, experience and time to ensure all applications are reviewed in a fair and thorough manner. It is a big job!

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