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As one of Australia’s leading community arts organisations, CAN is committed to supporting artists and creative professionals working in community arts and cultural development.

Our Artist and Arts Worker Database is an important part of CAN’s network.

By filling in the form below, you store your details directly onto CAN’s database. CAN will contact you should any opportunities arise to work on creative projects that relate to your experience and skills.

CAN will promote this resource to organisations and communities who undertake community arts and cultural development projects.

CAN will NOT share your details with external parties. We will circulate relevant information from them to you.

You are under no obligation to take on any work that may result from being on this database and CAN does not guarantee that work will be offered to you.

You will also be sent invitations to CAN’s regular networking and professional development events throughout the year.

Being on CAN’s database is free, however, those who are CAN members will receive additional benefits, such as promotional support and discounted access to industry events.

What would you like to be involved with?

CAN requires demographic data to report to our funding bodies. Please answer only what you feel comfortable with sharing.

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