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The importance of culture, country and connection to family is the inspiration behind a new Noongar hip hop music video made in Perth.

The song, Kya Kyana was written by emerging Noongar hip hop artist Josh Eggington aka Flewnt.

Coming from a family of strong Noongar activists, Josh has created his own social commentary through hip hop lyrics and film, challenging the often negative perception of how Aboriginal men and particularly young men are portrayed in mainstream news media today.

His song, Kya Kyana also pays homage to the Kyana art, music and dance cultural festivals which were held in Perth in the powerful social activism period of the early 1990’s.

The video is part of Beyond Empathy’s Excursions project – that uses film, photography and music to explore identity and connection to culture. It was funded by Z Zurich Foundation and made possible through community partnerships with Community Arts Network and Aranmore Catholic College and Dumbartung Aboriginal College.

Excursions in Perth saw Josh team up with WA Film maker Poppy van Oorde-Grainger to bring together a team of young people and artists to create the music clip.

Together they have created a visually evocative insight into what it’s like to be a proud young Noongar man in Perth today.

Keep an eye out for it – Kya Kyana will be launched online on Thursday 15th November via and screened at a community launch at Dumbartung.

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