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Last month, the Federal Government announced that it had scrapped its National Program for Excellence in the Arts and replaced it with a new grants scheme.

The new program is called Catalyst.

Sound familiar?

Since 1997 CAN has managed the Catalyst Community Arts Fund on behalf of the State Government of Western Australia through the Department of Culture and the Arts.

Our grants program provides funding support to community-driven arts and culture activities that express local culture and identity and promote the values of community empowerment, social inclusion, respect for diversity and self-determination.

While we’re flattered the Federal Government likes our name, we need to clarify that the national fund administered by the Ministry for Arts is not associated with the WA Catalyst Fund.

For more information about the federal fund, click here.

For eighteen years, CAN’s Catalyst fund has been supporting projects that assist the WA community to learn new skills and experience and participate in the arts.

There are two Catalyst funding rounds each year as follows:

  1. March (for projects beginning 1 July ) closing 30 March
  2. September (for projects beginning 1 January) closing 30 September

Catalyst is also proudly supported by the Mental Health Commission of WA.

If you’re in WA and would like to apply for funding for a community arts project or professional development, click here.


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