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How do you turn $592,200 of government funding into more than $11 million of social worth?

Give it to Community Arts Network.

An independent analysis of CAN’s Strong Culture Strong Communities program in Narrogin has confirmed what we have known anecdotally for some time – our work is incredibly valuable.

Our projects not only have a profound social impact, our work is actually worth millions.

CAN commissioned a study called Social Return on Investment (SROI) to independently assess our work. SROI uses a monetary value to measure how change is created though social, environmental and economic outcomes.

The report found that CAN’s work in Narrogin has generated one of the highest social returns in the world. For every $1 spent, $18.58 in social value has been returned.

“The CAN ratio of 18:58:1 is one of the highest ratios I have encountered while undertaking SROI analysis or reviewing international SROI reports, “said Annette Hoskisson who is an accredited SROI practitioner and the report’s author.

It revealed that CAN was able to convert $592, 200 of Government funding into more than $11 million in social value

“This provides evidence of what we have intuitively known all along, creative programs that engage, inspire and motivate communities not only have a positive social impact, but an enormous economic impact as well,” said CAN’s Chief Executive Officer, Jo Metcalf.

To view the summary report, click here


Noongar Pop Culture faciltators Curtis Taylor and Brian Lloyd

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