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Important Notice

In response to COVID-19, CAN will be postponing our community workshops and staff are being given the option to work remotely from home. We are pursuing alternative ways of holding meetings and initially restricting those to essential matters. If you would like to meet with us, please contact in advance. As an organisation we will be doing everything possible to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of all those we work with. 

In these uncertain times, with the situation changing almost daily, we are mindful of the impact this pandemic is having on communities and in every sector, including arts and cultural development. We are exploring ways we can continue to deliver our programs, stay connected to communities and keep our contractors in work.

We encourage everyone to maintain an understanding for others and to recognise that all people have the right to be treated with dignity and honour, in all circumstances.  

Should you need personal help for yourselves or colleagues or you want to be better informed about how to remain safe, we encourage you to review the information from professional services that are available nationwide. 

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World Health Organisation 

WA Government Advice

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