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We are very excited to announce the Music Video Premiere of Burdiya Mob’s track DJARLINY. The music video will be launched on Friday 25 November in Mackie Park Narrogin at 7pm.




Buridya Mob have worked so hard on this song and music video, we just can’t wait to share it with the world. The project has given the young people an opportunity to work creatively with incredible artists like singer-songwriter Gina Williams, hip hop artist Scott Griffiths, photographer Matsu, filmmaker Poppy van Oorde-Grainger and dancers Ian Wilkes, Ross Storey, Daniel Clarke, Rita Nsubuga, Taufiq Badal, Jade Dolman and Connie Yarran.

Burdiyah Mob    MVI_0098.00_18_11_21.Still031


The Burdiya Mob Project is part of CAN’s Rekindling Stories on Country program, which acknowledges and celebrates Noongar culture. Language revival and cultural pride are at the heart of the Burdiya Mob Project; a partnership between CAN, Narrogin Senior High School and the Shire of Narrogin.

Through arts workshops, local young people created Djarliny; a song and music video celebrating contemporary and traditional Noongar culture.

Filmed in and around Narrogin, including at culturally significant sites, the video shows the Burdiya Mob yirra yaakiny – standing tall.

Elders and community members in Narrogin were an integral part of the project, teaching the teenagers cultural practices such as tool-making, kangaroo skin tanning, fire-making, eco-dyeing, language and dance.

This publication is a celebration of months of dancing, language, filming and, of course, listening.

Make your way to Narrogin on Friday 25 – we’ll see you there!




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