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We’re so delighted with how it’s turned out, we’d like to share with you a sneak peak of the new Moora Bush Babies publication.

The book produced by CAN features artworks, photographs and personal stories from families with ancestral ties to Yued country, in particular, around Moora and New Norcia.

Through a series of oral history, craft and textile workshops, community members came together to commemorate the last generation of babies born in the bush.

They united to create beautiful handmade story dolls, share personal stories and record their stories of culture and survival for future generations.

The books were produced as part of CAN’s long-running Bush Babies project which collects the untold stories of the babies born on country and the midwives who delivered them.

The books will be gifted back to the participants and their families, however additional copies will be available for sale with proceeds going towards the former residents of New Norcia Mission so they can host reunion events.

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