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The CRN (Creative Recovery Network) & CAN (Community Arts Network) Making Time: Artist Self Care Retreat on 24 -26 August 2018 in Fairbridge, Western Australia is fast approaching.

Thank you to all those who shared the retreat among their networks and those artists who took the time to express their interest in this unique opportunity, one not often afforded to artists in the community arts. After a strong response we have shortlisted the group to around 20 creatives who will participate in a weekend of thinking, feeling and doing.  We will be growing stronger effective processes of caring for ourselves as artist working in complex communities, as well as building relevant strategies for the sector to develop awareness and direct support for mental health and wellbeing.

Scrumptious food, strong stories, activation tools  and sharp provocateurs will ensure we have a full weekend.

“An important part of these gatherings is the development of our peer networks, the establishment and deepening of the friendships that support us in continuing with our practice is key, in conjunction with effective tools, advocacy and programs across the sector for effective professional supervision.” Scotia Monkivitch, EO of CRN says.

More information about the presenters and weekend can be found on our webpage 

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