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Our Vision


To create positive social change through the arts, building inclusion and understanding between people 


To be a national arts leader working to achieve a just and inclusive Australia 


First Peoples First – All our work is underpinned by this principle. CAN supports the ULURU Statement from the Heart. Self-determination is at the heart of CAN’s work with all communities. 

Respect – We believe in the inherent worth of all people and their right to be treated with dignity and honour. 

Social Equity – We believe that creative expression should be accessible to all, as a vital part of being human. 

Creativity – We use all forms of artistic and creative expression to inspire the sharing of stories and culture. 



#1 ARTS PRODUCTION – We make outstanding art with communities that tells their stories and shares their lived experience 

#2 COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT – In the process of making and presenting this art we build people’s capacity and strengthen communities 

#3 SECTOR DEVELOPMENT – We build sector knowledge, capacity and influence 

#4 ORGANISATIONAL SUSTAINABILITY – We are transforming our organisation to reflect and service our diverse community

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