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Lotterywest Story Street is a capacity-building program that offers access to cultural self-definition for newly arrived and isolated migrant communities through community art projects.

CAN will begin the new two year project by collaborating with communities in the City of Canning, City of Wanneroo and City of Stirling, which aligns with recent research which identified these councils as having high culturally diverse populations. Lotterywest Story Street builds upon previous work by CAN, such as the Common Ground Multilingual and Multi-Faith Poetry workshops and showcase performances, as well as research and consultation conducted with the Office of Multicultural Interests into cultural diversity in the arts sector.

This project works alongside migrant communities to provide resources for them to deliver high quality, self-determined, creative projects that will strengthen inter-generational and intercultural bonds, and show culture as a living and growing force that inspires harmony, understanding, and respect.

Led by Project Coordinator Steven Finch, Lotterywest Story Street will provide spaces for both new expressions of culture and new forms of art. When people are given control of their own stories, and creative spaces are democratised, real transformation begins. The creative outcomes of Lotterywest Story Street will take many forms, such as exhibitions, events, performances or screenings. These may be showcased in high profile public locations within participating suburbs or take place in intimate cultural spaces that are important to the community. In a story, you can make your own streets, and you can speak to the communities that live in your heart. 

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