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Capacity Building

One of CAN’s core functions is to build the capacity of artists, communities and partners.

We aim to advance community arts and cultural development practice and develop and transfer innovative approaches to producing and sharing the stories of diverse communities through our capacity building program.

CAN has over 30 years experience in facilitating community arts projects in often complex and challenging environments in communities across Australia and we are well placed to provide professional development to the sector.

Connecting Practitioners & Sharing Knowledge

CAN delivers/provides regular opportunities for artists and art workers working with communities to come together to learn from each other and to explore and discuss projects, process and practice.

We deliver talks, workshops, forums and panel sessions throughout the year.

CAN loves to collaborate and work in partnership, so if you are interested in partnering to deliver a talk, workshop or event, please contact Jill Brown, Artist Development Manager, on

Self Care & Sustainable Community Arts Practice

Artists and arts workers working within complex community settings are often at risk of stress and burn out, particularly where communities and participants are experiencing trauma.

Since 2017 CAN has partnered with Creative Recovery Network, a national body, to raise awareness of and to develop and share strategies around self-care and sustainable CACD work practice.

Below is an overview of the Self-Care activities of CAN and Creative Recovery Network:

Self Care Forum in 2017

Self Care Retreat in 2018

Making Time Online Conversations (2 held in 2018, held bimonthly in 2019); and

Pilot Professional Supervision Project 2019 (launched in July 2019)

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