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Empowering Communities 

CAN’s Lotterywest Dream Plan Do is a new community arts mentoring program in 2019 which aims to support arts projects that bring Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD*) community voices to the forefront. Currently, artistic and cultural representation doesn’t reflect the full range of diverse identities in Australia, and this program provides opportunity to change that!

This mentoring program has been designed to assist CaLD people who don’t readily have access to services, skills training and other barriers that may preclude them from accessing mainstream arts funding. It aims to strengthen and develop the skills of organisations and groups who identify as CaLD and want to develop community arts projects that share and celebrate their stories, experiences and lives.

Up to $20k funding was awarded to help organisations or community groups:

DREAM – a fresh project idea,

PLAN – the steps to achieve your outcome, and

DO – the project while developing your skills from experienced mentors

Recipients will be supported to build successful community arts projects through: arts mentoring, career advice, grant writing, project planning, marketing, management, finance management, networking, finding artists, technology, event management etc.

Applications for the 2019 funding round have now closed.

Successful applicants announced

CAN would like to extend their congratulations to the following successful applicants for the 2019 Lotterywest Dream Plan Do Mentoring Program.

2019 Recipients

AFG Young Leaders

Through engaging workshops and the creation of mini carpet craft, the ladies involved will be sharing their expertise and knowledge of life and craft to pass on to the younger generation, who have lost touch with their ancestors traditional Afghan craft. By celebrating traditional and cultural events, the community will be brought together, allowing them to feel a greater sense of belonging and to reconnect with their culture.

Congolese TWA Community WA

The community aims to assist newly arrived African migrants to cope with issues of settling down in Australia. Through skills learned during these workshops, they are looking to assist migrants in finding a sustainable income. This looks to empower the communities to look after each other and to gain their own financial independence.


Ctrl will embrace and create awareness of local Australian fashion influences through a series of fashions shoots showcased through social media. Ctrl will promote local designers and showcase their talent through a fashion show aimed at empowering local emerging artists within the fashion community in Australia.

Ishar Multicultural Women’s Health Services

Through interactive and creative workshops, the community looks at bringing together different cultures and to build a better cultural understanding of Indigenous and multicultural women. Their development of a creative project aims to provide community engagement, socialisation and education, as well as assisting with various health benefits such as mental and social health. These workshops will promote awareness of the importance of harmony and intercultural understanding beyond the life of this project.

Palestinian Community of WA

Through a series of workshops, Palestinian women will sit together around one piece of cloth to stitch together their stories. The workshops will focus on two aspects: the embroidery- its patterns, origin, and histories, and the sharing of stories. The aim is to create a safe community space, where the women can connect, create and share stories and cultural traditions. The project also aims to unify the women of the Palestinian community and to foster social engagement through art, away from barriers such a political or religious differences.

Pojulu Community Association in WA

This art project will contribute to the wellbeing of the community members, improve mental health of the members and foster cultures and life experience storytelling, share information and improve capacity building. It enables the community to develop healing spirit and improve relationships with other communities. The Pojulu community will create engagement through sharing information and create a vibrant diverse experience.

*CAN acknowledges the definition of a person/s who identify as Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD) varies greatly and that the term is not definitive. In this instance we have used the Office of Multicultural Interests (OMI) definition of CaLD to make reference to the wide range of cultural groups and individuals that make up the Australian population. It includes groups and individuals who differ according to religion, race, language or ethnicity except those whose ancestry is Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Celtic, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

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