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Lotterywest Story Street is a series of creative storytelling projects and cultural empowerment projects for and by Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD) communities in the Cities of Canning, Stirling and Wanneroo. With Lotterywest Story Street, people can make their own streets, and they can speak to the communities of their own heart.

In Perth’s diverse and rapidly changing communities, many CALD groups and individuals experience social isolation, and local governments and community services face challenges in engaging with them. This project uses a community arts praxis to CaLD communities with creative work, unpack tensions between cultural groups, and provide a platform for stories that build intercultural understanding, harmony, and respect for vibrant communities.
CAN will establish a traveling community library with multicultural stories, videos, and artworks from many different local communities. This library will contain significant cultural histories and media created by and for multicultural communities, and various creative resources to give young people the ability to tell their own stories, and to speak of their own cultural histories. At each installation, the community will be able to add their own stories and artworks to the library.

Lotterywest Story Street Community Library will be a mobile space of imagining and cultural creation that connects and empowers CaLD communities throughout the Cities of Stirling, Wanneroo, and Canning. It will connect deep cultural history through literature to other members of their culture and other cultures, and to physical community spaces throughout the City of Stirling, Wanneroo and Canning. It will empower through the contribution of cultural knowledges through recommended texts, through a developed awareness of critical theory about race, and histories of social and cultural activisms, and through developing skills of cultural expression.

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