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Our Vision

Our vision is for a just, diverse and resilient society fuelled by imagination and creativity.

CAN is established for the public charitable purposes of advancing this vision by developing community arts and cultural development policy.

CAN’s goals are:

  1. To produce inspiring art with communities that achieves measureable social impact
  2. To create artistic and social impact opportunities for our participants and partners by connecting and integrating them with the wider world
  3. To innovate and build the creative capacity of communities, artists and partners
  4. To sustain and responsibly grow our business

CAN’s values are:

  • Respect – we honour the inherent worth of all people, cultures and the environment
  • Social equity – we believe everyone deserves the same opportunity to engage, participate and flourish
  • Resilience – we foster connectedness through the arts for strong and thriving communities
  • Creativity – we create art that inspires the sharing of culture and identity

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