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We are an exciting and dynamic community arts and cultural development organisation.

At CAN we use arts and creativity to grow resilient communities. We are both a community development and an arts organisation and this is what makes us unique and strong.

CAN has been operating in WA since 1985 and in 2015 we celebrate 30 years of inspiring and mobilising communities to creatively express their unique stories through the arts. Explore our current and past projects here.

We are proud of our reach and our positive impact on communities and the arts and of our exceptional reputation across the country and internationally as a leader in community arts and cultural development practice.

CAN transforms communities through:

CAN Productions

  • Engaging communities and partners in creative projects that lead to arts and cultural outcomes, a range of community development outcomes and positive social impacts

CAN Learning

  • Delivering accredited and non-accredited training courses designed for a range of people including artists, community development practitioners, local government professionals and the general public
  • Facilitating mentoring, networking and hands-on training for artists, community development practitioners and local government professionals

CAN Doing

  • Distributing and managing funds on behalf of the state government
  • Raising the profile of community arts through leading the sector and our active advocacy and community development

The services delivered through these core functions work together to leverage positive outcomes for communities.

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